Selling a Business

Rede Robina Accountants Gold Coast

Selling a business

Robina accountants in gold coast helps in selling your business. Surely, the process of selling a business should start years before negotiations with a potential purchaser. Moreover, it is hard to know when the time will come to exit, so it is important to ensure through business valuation that your business is sale ready at all times to extract maximum value when you exit. Whether by design or due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s important to have a plan in place.

At Rede Robina Accountants Gold Coast we understand that business owners have a very significant proportion of their wealth tied up in their business, reinforcing the importance of maximising the value of the investment.  Thus, We are here to assist you in getting your enterprise sale ready, while also providing extensive support when the time to sell comes.

Moreover, In preparation for the sale of your business, Rede Robina Accountants Gold Coast can assist you with:

  • A comprehensive review of your business and appraisal of areas for improvement pre sale (Pre-sale Due Diligence).
  • Preparing a valuation of the business and identifying areas requiring improvement.
  • Providing ongoing advice concerning Business Value Maximisation (‘BVM’).
  • Identifying sale options – partial sale (venture capital / private equity), management buy-out, trade sale, IPO etc.
  • Assisting in taking the business to market
  • Preparing the business for purchaser due diligence.
  • Assisting in negotiating with potential purchasers.
  • Assisting in the structure of the sale – maximises your return after tax and reducing your risk.

Rede Robina Accountants Gold Coast advised a local Real Estate Agency on the appropriate structure for his business. This aided his paying no capital gains tax upon sale. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you further and book a FREE consultation today.

Lastly, Our friendly, professional team will help you to ensure you obtain the return you deserve for your business.

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