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Business Valuation is a strategy used to estimate the economic value of a owner’s interest in a business.

When it comes time to sell your business you may find yourself in a difficult situation when trying to set the price. It’s often hard to determine the correct price. Rede Robina Accountants can provide an independent business valuation, providing you with answers to the questions you need to ask when determining the value of your business.

Our experience and expertise in business valuation allows us to provide you with guidelines and formulae to determine the value of your business. You may not be thinking about selling your business at this stage, but understanding the variables that most significantly impact on the value of your business gives you an opportunity to work on those areas to maximise your return.

Rede Robina Accountants approach business valuation as a critical element of the overall business management process. It is important to know your current situation and where you want to be, enabling you to start taking steps to bridge the gap.

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