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Why you should start Retirement Planning now!


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Aged care specialists have determined that the average age of people entering into residential care is 83, however, people need to start thinking about and planning their future needs in their 50’s to 60s.
Delaying retirement decisions can result in increased stress when a crisis occurs and an overall higher cost to that person. You have all heard about the waiting lists to get into the popular aged care centres.
Did you also realise that research indicates it is often the eldest daughter or daughter-in-law who is often the fallback to make things happen when there is a crisis?.
The biggest issue with aged care and accommodation is the lack of education, with misinformation prevalent, and as a result, makes people fearful and reluctant in planning their future. They don’t want to lose their independence, or don’t want carers in their home, or have heard negative stories about retirement homes?
Home care packages were overhauled last year and it would seem there is more tinkering in the coming Budget. These services also have long waiting lists.
Robina Financial Solutions have a designated Aged Care team who can help with their specialised knowledge in retirement planning.
Start the conversation now! Talk to your family and have them understand your feelings, get help, research the options now!
If you would like more information on Retirement Planning, speak to the experts! We can help – contact us here.

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