How can an Accountant Help Your Business?

How can an Accountant Help Your Business?


Rede Accountants Gold Coast, Brisbane & Byron Bay


How can an Accountant Help Your Business? A lot more than you think! 

Business people understand their accountant each year prepares financial statements and tax returns for the business and their family. Rede Accountants can be a far more valuable resource than this. Our business accountants in Tweed Heads, Brisbane & Gold Coast have so much to offer, including many pro-active services that value-add to a business you may be unaware of.

What are some of these proactive services?

  • Rede Accountants can prepare different types of business budgets and subsequent monitoring of performance. There are many types of budgets that can assist a business with its future planning and meeting business goals. Some of the budgets include cash flow budgets, profit budgets and sales budgets. Without planning, you have no goals to aim for.

If you aim for nothing you may well achieve nothing in your business!! 

  • Is your business structured as to minimise income tax obligations and at the same provide maximum asset protection from potential creditors and financiers? Rede has extensive experience.
  • Does your business function efficiently? Is it time for a fresh unbiased pair of eyes to review your business operations and the financial viability?

Maybe you are only earning a salary that you would earn working for someone!

Rede Accountants are experienced in business reviews and strategic planning.

  • Do you need regular management information and reporting systems to give much needed business performance information? For example, have you ever consider establishing basic key performance indicators for your business? How can you establish these KPI’s and continually monitor them in the future? Have you ever considered benchmarking your business with other operators in your industry? Rede has the answers
  • Do you need a business coach or just someone to bounce business ideas off ? Rede has seen many small business operations  and can act as an objective observer. Sometimes you are to close to the business to ‘see the woods for the trees’ so that you may miss the big picture.  An impartial observer is vital and takes the emotion out of the process.
  • Is your business struggling to pay its bills on time? Are you looking for a turnaround solution for your business but don’t know how? Rede is experienced in providing business turnaround solutions.
  • Risk assessment of your business.

Are your personal assets protected from potential creditors and financiers?

    • What happens if you were badly injured or even killed in a car accident tomorrow? Would the business survive and what about your family and finances?


    • Do you have life insurance, income protection and trauma protection in place?


    • Do you have a will or a power of attorney?


  • Rede Accountants can work closely with your other advisers in these matters.

Business Sale and Acquisition

Rede Accountants are experienced in providing objective business valuations as well as conducting due diligence for potential business acquisitions and sales.

How can an Accountant Help Your Business? Make an appointment with Rede today and find out what we can offer to help drive your business forward. We’re so much more than just ‘bean counters’. 

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